Virtual Arts presents Good Talk: The Politics of Horror, a Virtual Live Theatre production that showcases the personal stories of artists with hope, humor, and humanity according to a common theme. This episode features filmmakers Nick Basile and Joe Leone, led through discussion by host Gret Menzies Gonzalez around the history and modern implications that horror movies have within the realm of political and societal movements.

Virtual Arts Productions kicks off its second season with a live performance of their signature show, Good Talk, on Monday October 25, 2021 at 7:30 pm EST.

This month’s Good Talk features horror film directors from around the country discussing the theme, “The Politics of Horror” as conceptualized in cinema. Our guests are two of the country’s leading independent horror film directors, Nick Basile and Graham Skipper.

With Halloween just days away, the big screen and small screen is being drenched with the ghoulish silver flicker of wide starring blood shot eyes, jagged knives suddenly appearing in a very frightened face, and crooked arthritic hands reaching up out of the earth just in time to shockingly knock you off your newest Nikes. (Do you have to have arthritis in your hands to be considered as a horror film hand model? If so, bravo! Another movement toward diversity.)

Virtual Arts Production’s October 2021 Good Talk guest, Nick Basile, has directed, written, performed in and produced many scary films.

On January 8, 2008, Basile’s full-length documentary American Carny: True Tales from the Circus Sideshow (on DVD) was released by Cinema Epoch & Koch Entertainment and made its television debut on October 19, 2009 on the Documentary Channel. Up next, Basile’s psychological thriller DARK. This creepy movie, set in the disturbing time of the NYC blackout of 2003, stars the rapper, Redman.  Joe Dante (of Gremlins fame) served as Exec Producer (who didn’t love Gremlins?) Wait … Nick also had his blood covered hands in The Adventures of Captain SteelBeyond Dreams and the modern-day western The Man Who Knew Belle Starr.

Executive Director of Virtual Arts Productions, Larry Pellegrini, cast Nick in the long running interactive play Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding in New York City over fifteen years ago. Pellegrini remarked “We are delighted to have Nick Basile as our first guest on Good Talk this season. Nick was always odd, in a good way ;), and ultimately professional. He was chosen to play Mike Black one of the caterers, but he often understudied other roles including Father Mark and Sal Antonucci, the photographer. We didn’t know at the time that horror was Nick’s first love. If we had know, we would have warned all the actors he understudied to beware!!! As I think now, Nick went on often in roles and often under mysterious circumstances (or is that another movie waiting to explode from this mad genius’ mind?)”.

Graham Skipper guest stars along with Basile in Good Talks, “The Politics of Horror”.  Skipper moved to Hollywood from Texas in 2011, to star in  Stuart Gordon’s stage adaptation of Re-Animator: The Musical.Variety from March 9, 2011 said “Graham Skipper, hilariously channels all-time cine-maniac Jeffrey Combs.” But performing is not Graham’s only vice. He also directs and his film Sequence is describe  on FrightFest as “ALTERED STATES meets VIDEODROME . This movie is a surreal sci-fi romance written and directed by one of FrightFest’s favourite people, Graham Skipper, star of ALMOST HUMAN, THE MIND’S EYE and BEYOND THE GATES. A reclusive video arcade technician encounters strange metaphysical forces that result in bizarre bio-mechanical mutations when a new console appears in his shop. Reality itself threatens to fracture as he works to solve its mystery and the new chaos that has entered his life as he hurtles towards a shocking self-realization. Let the haunting kaleidoscope of stunning colour, grotesque visuals, stylish fright and disturbing horror begin!”

This evening of talk and terror will be intriguing as Graham and Nick speak about how politics and horror reflect each other in film making (not a total surprise to anyone who is half conscious in the real world today). Join this wonderful duo to learn more and hear about the wonder of America’s foremost cinematic genre, HORROR!

Christy Benanti Patti, an original member of Virtual Arts Productions produces this episode of Good Talk and Christy has begun laying the groundwork for an Independent Zoom Horror Film Festival for our 2022 Fall Season. If you are interested in submitting a film for consideration for this October 2022 festival please contact us at …

The host for Good Talk, The Politics of Horror, will be VAP’S very own artistic director, Gret Menzies. This performance is live and only on Zoom. Tickets can be purchased by Virtual Arts Productions is an online virtual theatrical production company dedicated to supporting artists worldwide by producing works of diversity with hope, humor and humanity. Check our website at

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