October 27, 2020 brought us the premier episode of host Jesse Highley’s evening talk show entitled Look Ma, I’m On TV! A humorous but penetrating, challenging, and genuinely inquisitive look at the politics of the day, our invited panelists presented monologues and guided group discourse led by our favorite, though less-than-experienced, host character. Episode 1 was all about the importance of voting, and featured guests Ryan Remark, Scott Johnson, Marty Vece, and Gret Menzies Gonzalez, delivering that message with humor and hope. Special guest, John Di Domenico as Donald Trump was perfectly evil and hysterical in the finale. Jesse is still confidently pursuing his “viral” moment while broadcasting from his mom’s basement, so look for more side-splitting and smart-alecky commentary to come from him, his future guests, and maybe even his mother in upcoming editions of this show!

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