Virtual Event Hosting

Who We Are

Virtual Arts is a new endeavor for a new world, an event and production company bringing together presenters and audiences virtually from across the globe, realizing the full potential of just how valuable and entertaining virtual presentations can be. We bring our signature outlook of hope, humanity and humor to every project, and put an entertaining spin on anything you can imagine.

Hosting Events Virtually

Looking for a way to host your next event virtually, but don’t know where to begin? Let Virtual Arts handle it for you! Customize and create the event that’s right for you, knowing that it’s in the hands of professionals who have had decades of experience in the business of creating entertaining and engaging experiences.

The beautiful thing about virtual events is their accessibility. If there’s a new variant outbreak in your town, you won’t have to cancel last minute. Blizzard approaching? As long as the internet still works, your audience can still make it. Want to connect branch colleagues from NY to LA? No problem. It’s easier than ever to connect people across the globe. From closed captioning to video sharing, we’ve got you covered.

Virtual events can be a cost-effective solution for your next conference, saving thousands on travel and accommodation expenses.

Today’s Audiences

Today’s audiences are used to being able to get everything they need from the comfort of their own home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be engaged in the same ways they would at a live event. Engage your audiences with live polling features and interactive Q and A’s and learn how to keep them engaged throughout your programs to keep drop-off in audience low.

What We Offer

We have a number of packages available for your different hosting needs, from small business to large corporations. So whatever your price range, we have an option for you.

Our services include:

-Hosting your event on the Zoom platform for up to 500 attendees (premium upgrades available)

-Directing services to make your event as engaging and streamlined as possible

-Registration and Email Reminders for your event

-Custom built slides to personalize your event

-Technical Rehearsals with Panelists and Presenters

-Use of our Best Practices sheets for a successful virtual event to help Presenters be best prepared

-Video of the Event

-Dedicated Team of Technicians for the Event to ensure smooth running and updates as needed in real time

-Video Editing after the event

-Post Event Analytics of audience engagement

Whether you’re looking to do a multi-day conference with multiple sessions and breakout rooms or a small summit to bring together colleagues for a few hours, our packages can be custom built to suit your particular needs.

Our Specialty

Virtual Arts specializes in providing virtual services that are unique to each company by getting to know the companies we work with and utilizing their strengths to build the most engaging program possible. We specialize in providing presentation ideas and programming in an entertaining way, while incorporating the specific needs of the companies we’re working with. Company location, demographics and other factors are all taken into consideration while working with a company to build a program.


The Virtual Arts experience is like no other. Through our decades of experience in the entertainment business, we know what will keep your audiences engaged and will work with your team to bring that out to your specific target group. We employ a diverse group of creative people from across the US, and we believe that by offering a group of different voices, we can really build an inclusive project that speaks to a wide range of folks from various communities, demographic groups and cultures.

Virtual Arts works within the existing framework of each company to provide a cost-effective, successful and stress-free presentation. Virtual Arts can work with a company of any size to be successful. Be sure to explore our site fully to get to know our senior team members, who look forward to being at your service!


As your designated host, it is our job to shadow your group’s process for creating the best possible virtual meeting. We advise the participants to focus with clarity on what is happening in the present. We instill an atmosphere of security and friendliness by answering questions and teaching how to gently guide the conversation back to the topic in an authentic way.  All voices at your meeting deserve to be heard and listened to. Virtual Arts will help communicate the friendliest way to give the group the time to reflect without pause, share their knowledge freely, and gain insight to further the ideas necessary to make your meeting advance into a new age of transmissible intelligence.


As your host, we will have the opportunity to work closely with your team to set the standard for communication in the session. 

We are a team of theatre professionals with decades of experience with live performances, and we consider mistakes and mishaps a moment to reset any awkwardness that is inevitable in these situations. We’ve taken the lessons learned live and applied them to the virtual space in a new and exciting way.

Better articulation in your meetings will lead to stronger communication in the work force that may be many miles apart in distance. Virtual Arts help to create a bridge between participants that feels comfortable and warm and sets the stage to listen and actually enjoy. We don’t believe in boring.

In interactive performances, actors are taught the most important element for success is to say “yes and” so that creativity can and will continue. This concept can be applied to your virtual event with the same result. Too often in virtual meetings, distractions at home allow your audience to take their eye off the ball and miss moments that they need to hear. 

We believe in hearing without fear. Engaging, fun, informative actions keep your audience focused on their laptop and not on the text on their phone.


Virtual Arts will help you and your audience relax and enjoy the experience with humor, hope and humanity. When they feel they are part of what you are talking about – they will listen.

If someone cuts another participant off virtually, it can be awkward and most of the time, we continue as though it did not happen. We say, interruptions are natural and should be encouraged in the best way. 

We help your audience stay in the moment and open their ears by feeling safe and secure. How? If the speakers communicate authentically, as though they truly want to share, the virtual space will open up and creativity will flow.


Set up the meeting so that everyone shares the space as they would at the office.  Encourage interaction by recognizing and integrating the voices who make up the rhythm of your company. We believe companies that engage the newest employees are driven to success. Invite your participants to listen with a lot of openness and curiosity. And, of course, using the mute button to humor team members not to shame them.

Silence and You’re Golden

Invite your participants to take a silent moment sometimes to gather their thoughts and refocus. Ask questions that will get responses like ‘How are you today?’

Enjoy the break and breath. 

As the developer, Virtual Arts will help you embrace your audience and eliminate potential awkwardness. Ideas and results will follow.


Questions are a very powerful tool to tap to develop insight into your groups. Designing questions that facilitate/elicit (have) answers is an art. We help you choose the right questions to ask and when to ask them to encourage the maximum amount of audience involvement. Again, an engaged audience is an audience that won’t log off midway through your presentation.

In the End

Create a culture of trust in a virtual meeting – you may be on the screen alone, but Virtual Arts will help you relax, unwind and listen to your audience. Nobody likes being talked at; everyone feels better if they are included. In this day the overwhelming need for inclusion is a gift. Allow it to happen. We will be right there with you, whispering in your ear and sending virtual support throughout the entire meeting.

We’ve all been to those webinars that are, for lack of batter words, boring and unengaging. The modern world is a busy one, and there are a myriad of things vying for our attention at any given moment. Don’t let your webinar be unforgettable and just another bit of background noise as the distractions of the world take over. Let us take you to the next level of keeping your audience interested and actively engaged.

Let Virtual Arts be your one-stop shop for all your presentation needs. From registration to post video editing, we can take care of it all so you can focus on the work you do best and leave the rest to us. No matter what, we’ve got you covered.

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